My experience with was super quick and easy! I've been
looking around for a site to design my car and atomic is a great place to do it!

Taylor Jackson, DIRT Sportsman

Some of the things we get asked all of the time...

Is my credit card info safe?

Yes, we never store your credit card information on our platform. Stripe being our merchant handles all the online payment processes through their secure means.

Will I be able to see my design before it ships?

Absolutely. We have integrated a visual design tool that lets you see what your car looks like at each step along the way. We will also send you a fully detailed proof TO APPROVE via email before we actually box it up and ship it out. You will get up to 2 revisions on the house.

Can I just order numbers?

Yes. If you look in the upper right corner of your admin panel, you will see an option for “Numbers only”. This gives you the option to enter your number, choose from one of our custom styles, and pick your colors. For the racers who have letters incorporated into their number too, no problem - you will be able to enter that too.

Can I order a wrap for an specific section?

Yes, when each order is placed, we reference that order with a customer name and project number. You can either email us or call in to let us know what you need. Your receipt will have all of the information we will need to access your previous order, so keep that handy.

Can I have Atomic install my wrap?

Of course, it’s what we do best! During checkout, you will see an option to select local install. Many of our clients trust our experts to apply the wraps to their race cars. This will be an $80 upcharge per installation. We give a discounted install price for all web purchases of $80 for each full wrap installed

What’s the difference between “Car Color” and “Wrap Color”?

Car Color is what color your bare tin is, before it is wrapped. We ask this so that we can match the edges of the designs to blend into the original panel colors. Some car types have interior panels where the color is present. Wrap Color refers to the color of the design that you are looking for. These are the colors that actually change during the design process.

I have a custom logo, can that be included?

Atomic has talented designers on staff who can re-create your logo in digital, high resolution format that will look great on your car. You will have the option to upload as many logos as you wish, just let us know where you want them and we will handle the rest. There is a $25 fee per logo.

If I need to stop, can I save my project and return later?

Unfortunately, designs are not able to be saved for later, YET. Our next upgrade will include log in abilities to save and finish designs at a later time. For right now, we suggest blocking out 20 - 30 minutes for the entire process since the tools are so simple.

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